This day is probably one of the best days out of my spring break.

So first off, I went to church for Easter Sunday. I was hoping to see my boyfriend there but apparently he did not go. I finally went to church after a year, and he decided to not show up. Out of all these days, why today? Lol, but anyways after church my mom and I were planning to go to Monterey. I invited my boyfriend to tag along and so he did. And of course, change of plans; we go to Morro Bay instead (a beach down south from where I live). It took forever to get there! Only because we took the LONG way. We went through Highway 1, passing by Big Sur. Big Sur is absolutely beautiful. We took a stop from time to time and the ocean is big and very pretty. What sucked is that there is so many fucking turns and my stepdad is a pretty bad and weird driver; whenever it’s a good time to be fast (Highways and free space) he goes slow as fuck and when it’s a good time to be slow (Traffic and sharp turns) he goes fast as fuck. So, I had a headache from his poor driving. After 3 fucking hours, we finally got to Morro Bay. We didn’t even stay for long and we already left because it was already night time LOL. So we took the short way back all the way home. All that pointless long driving, but I at least got to see beautiful sceneries with my wonderful boyfriend which was totally worth it. I just hope that we left home a liiiittttllleeee earlier. LOL

Ah, today is Easter, Hitler’s Birthday, an excuse to smoke hella kush. 4/20.

But I’m not going to talk about today yet. I’m going to talk about what happened yesterday.

So, my mom, sister, and I were cleaning my whole entire room, finally. It was a big ass mess LOL. So messy I found bugs under sheets of paper omfg. But now it is 50% cleaned out, yay! It’s so much more roomier in here now. :3 after that, we went to go eat out at a Chinese restaurant. The service is poor as fuck if you asked me. I found a piece of hair on my honey walnut shrimp and the waitresses were just watching us eat and being creepy. We’re never going back in that restaurant ever again. After, we dropped off my sister to her work, Walmart, and my mother and I went down to Gilroy to check out Ross and other places. I went to Pet’s Mart because well, I fucking love pets. I saw cute little guinea pigs, fish, and reptiles. Bearded dragons are so cool, I really want one so bad. They also have cats :3 they are all lazy as fuck. They’re all sleepy and I thought to myself, “Ah, you’re all are perfect for me!” Lol, and we headed back home and I ended my Saturday FaceTiming my boyfriend, as usual. ♡ So, that basically summed up my day. Pretty much the highlights of my day.

Well, this is a lame lazy Friday for me. All I am doing right now is listening to the Ariana Grande radio on Pandora while sitting down being lame as fuck. So, not much to do today for me as far as I know.

But, I did do something yesterday.

I went out for a morning “jog” with my boyfriend. By that, I meant that we only jogged for about a minute then walked the rest of the time. I bet you’re thinking, “Oh wow you’re so lazy that’s not even exercise.” Well excuse me, I have a serious foot injury that cannot seem to cure. So whenever I do a lot of foot work, it starts to cramp and hurt severely I am unable to run. It’s been like this for six months and it fucking sucks. Not even a foot massage can cure it.

Anywho, we went to Honey Berry after our jog/walk LOL. I know, I know. What a workout we had.~ It was tasty though. Roti buns and fro-yo’s… yum. After we went to an Elementary school to play at their park for a while. We then see a janitor locking up the doors and we thought to ourselves “Why the fuck did he lock us in?” We were about to jump over a fence until we saw another door that wasn’t locked. We felt stupid as fuck LOL

We walked to his house after and we were watching Mean Girls while cuddling in bed. And also, we did a little naughty naughty stuff. ;-) eheheheh.

That’s about it.

Thursday, April 17th, 2014; my lover.

It’s currently 2am and I am tired, wishing I can spark his smile.

Yes, this entire post will be about my bundle of happiness. ♡

His name is Ruben, Ruben Sumagang. And let me tell you that he is the most unexpected person I have ever met who has change my whole life around and have fallen in love with.

It all started (sort of) in the beginning of my Sophomore year; in english class where he sat right behind me. I didn’t pay any attention to him whenever he walks in the classroom or when he speaks, or hear him socialize, or anything. I didn’t even know he was sitting right behind me until a few weeks later. I noticed him by looking back for help on some questions and I see him doing some weird pencil trick. I exclaimed, “How did you do that?!” And he replied, “Oh, it’s easy.” And showed me how to do it. I couldn’t get it right until five minutes later. I know, what a stupid way to meet someone lol. I didn’t even introduced myself, asked what his name was or anything like that. Just a straight up question of astonishment on how he did that pencil shit. From there on we were just those typical casual small talk friends for a while. Few months later, I thought he was kind of cute, but not that kind of OMG LET ME LOVE YOU kind of cute lol. I just wanted his number and wanted to add him on some social accounts. I tried to play it cool and not make it obvious or desperate for those things. When I asked him in an indirect manner, he gave me his number and his usernames. I was pretty happy, and it looked like he didn’t even noticed that I was somewhat wanting him-ish LOL. Another few months later, there was a field trip that was going to happen. I was supposed to go with my friends, but they all couldn’t seem to go. I got very bummed out and I didn’t want to go to the field trip alone. So, I was thinking of who else am I pretty cool with in any of my classes that I could hang out with at the field trip and the first person that popped up in to my mind was Ruben. He is actually the only person in my grade that I am cool with in all of my classes. Once again, I tried to play it cool by just asking him to be my bus buddy even though I plan to hang out with him all day. I was expecting a no from him since we barely talk, but he surprisingly said yes. I was shocked, but I was glad more. So on the day of the field trip we sat next to each other and we were listening to stupid songs and talk about a lot of things the whole trip there. When we arrived, I asked him if I could hang out with him and his friends the whole trip. And yes, he surprisingly said yes again. We were at Pier 39 in San Francisco and it was so much fun! We went to all the shops, ate clam chowder, and rode on the carousel. It was honestly the most fun day I have ever had in such a long time. Later, we went to San Francisco University and that part was not so fun. I had another boyfriend at that time and we were arguing, as usual, and it just brought me down the whole tour of the university. I didn’t talk to Ruben or any of his friends. I was just walking sort of beside them when my earphones on all quiet. At the end of the tour, we went back to the bus and they asked me what was wrong. I just told them nothing because I didn’t trust them enough to tell. But, the bus back home made up for my sadness. Ruben, his friends, and I were taking stupid off-guard picture of each other and we were laughing the whole way back. I honestly did not want the bus to take us back because I really liked how we were getting closer, but we sadly got back. Ruben gave me a hug goodbye, and for some reason that hug felt so special for some reason. When I got home, I just couldn’t stop thinking about that day, it was truly a fun day. The best I ever had in such a long time. I was beginning to grow feelings for Ruben, but I stopped myself from doing so because I was still in a relationship with another man. A month after the trip, I found out that Ruben was going to be at the Philippines for about a week. That week has been very boring because he wasn’t tree and I was sad about it lol. When he came back, I was super excited and happy that he came back safe. The following month, we unexpectedly got closer. After the lockdown at our school, we hung out together and I met more of his friends. We later grabbed some Starbucks and we were talking some more. Then all of a sudden he called me on my phone. I was confused and shocked because he has never done that before. We were talking on the phone for hours getting to know each other better. And that has became my daily thing. :) I began to trust him, and I told him about my problems. I told him about how shitty and worthless I was feeling with the man I was in a relationship with, and in that moment, I unexpectedly really liked Ruben a lot more than usual. Ruben told me that I was the most beautiful and amazing person he has ever met. No one has ever told me those words other than him and what he had said meant so much to me. From there on, he was reminding me how much of a beautiful person I am, and I felt happier day by day because of him. I’ve grown so much feelings for him, and I was kind of bummed out how he was spending his summer in San Francisco. He gave me an early birthday present: My favorite music artist LIGHTS new released album. Best. Gift. Ever. A month later, my ex broke up with me and I was glad because I was finally out of a meaningless relationship. Since Ruben was back from San Francisco, he took me to the park and we were just laying down next to each other. We were listening to the album he bought me and we took a little nap. When I opened my eyes, I realized his face was really close to my face. “Omg I hope he gives me a kiss on the cheek!” I thought to myself lol. Then, we whispered in to each other’s ears saying how much more we miss each other. I finally said “Okay fine you miss me more.” And BOOM. Kiss on the cheek. I. Was. Shocked. On the outside, I was turning red like a tomato. On the inside, I was screaming my head off full of happiness and had so much butterflies fluttering in my stomach. And so, on July 23rd, 2013, I finally became his girlfriend.

Meeting this amazing man really surprised me. I literally paid no attention to him when I first met him. I was never attracted to him neither. But, once I started getting to know him, I noticed myself growing feelings for him. This man who was once nothing to me has became my everything. All of a sudden, he has made me become a better person and made my whole life a lot happier. Out of nowhere, he is the most amazing and handsome person I have ever met. It’s fascinating and funny looking back at the past, I really never saw this coming. It just… Happened. The most unexpected things are the best things. I love you Ruben Sumagang, so so much. Fuck all of the fish, you’re my whole entire sea. ♡

Hello! My name is Charlene and this is my first entry of my blog. :D The reason why I created a personal blog is because I can type down my feelings and thoughts instead of writing it down aaaallllll on paper and wasting good trees. I can also post pretty pictures and type down the meaning to it and such, lol.

But any who, I am currently a 16, almost 17, year old Filipina/Japanese lady who lives in a shitty town known as Salinas. I hope to become a future physical therapist or optimologist when I grow up. pastel colors are my favorite. I am in a dance crew named ANONYMOUS. I tend to sing a lot with my ugly voice. I LOVE animals (even though I eat poultry and beef ;~;). If you don’t like animals and or you hurt them, we’re going to have some issues being friends. I am happily unavailable with my handsome bundle of happiness. ♡ I love eating food, listening to music, naps, and some other lazy shit lol. I am a huge fan of these music artists, Justin Timberlake and especially LIGHTS (Valerie Anne Poxleitner). I love putting a smile on people. :)

I am a trustworthy person. I’m also a pacifist, I hate arguing and fighting with people. I’m also sensitive and can get annoyed very easily. I am also a happy person out in public but sad when I’m in my room alone at home. Whenever I am mad, I will just never shut up LOL. Just keep nagging and nagging until I am right or when I calm down. I try to not let myself be a chatterbox when I am mad. 

I dislike clichés. What I really really hate is when people ignore me and/or cut me off when I am talking. I hate it with a passion. Don’t ever do that shit to me. Even the littlest things like not shutting the door or not cleaning up after oneself ticks me off. I’m an impatient person. If someone is even a little late at a certain time expected, I will get mad knowing the fact that I’m going to have to wait. I also don’t like when people take their damn time. When I say now. I mean now. Not 5 minutes, not 10 minutes, now. I never take my time for anyone or anything.

There’s many more things I’m just too lazy to think of them.  LOL, more to come~